ATX Insights, located in Austin Texas, is committed to helping our clients find the best representatives of their target market and to providing a world-class research facility experience that is flexible enough to meet any specific needs.

  • Customizable rooms with one-way glass and high-res cameras
  • Observer room with controlled volume, large screen TVs, and picture-in-picture
  • We maintain an Austin participant database with the highest quality candidates
  • Our staff is responsive to emails and provides timely updates on recruits
  • We are able to provide quick turnaround times when needed
What our clients have said about our staff and research facility:

"It was a pleasure to conduct focus groups at your lovely facility and I hope to be back again soon!"

Ruth C.

"The groups were fantastic, and the client couldn't have been happier with the recruit. Even though we had narrow recruiting parameters and our groups were on the same night as the 7th game of the world series, you guys still managed to knock it out of the park!"

Maureen C.

"Our observers were very comfortable and loved the multiple camera angles. Very impressed with your facility."

Maresh R.

Nicole Proulx, M.A.

Director of Research Strategy

Rebeca Ryan

Lead Recruiter

Thomas Liddell

Facility Manager